Smokeshow Hot Sauce
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About Smokeshow

Smokeshow was created by Melissa and Sam, Chula Vista bordertown natives turned Portlanders many years ago. They've been making and enjoying Smokeshow for over a decade now-- first in their home in North Portland for themselves, then for family and friends who quickly became hooked. After lots and lots of testing and adapting recipes, they finally launched their company in the summer of 2017! Smokeshow hot sauces are best described as table hot sauces meant for everyday use and enjoyment with just about any food. They've taken traditional Mexican flavors (as an homage to their roots) and combined them with vinegar based hot sauce styles. Watch out, it is HOT and it is addicting

"I can't stop eating it."

— Jason, NE PDX

I use smokeshow on everything!
— Annabelle, St. Johns PDX



"Handcrafted With Magic"

All of our sauces are made from just peppers, vinegar, salt, and a little bit of pristine Northwest water. We use blends of peppers to achieve our flavors and really showcase what different peppers taste like rather than masking them. We do not use sugar, honey, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. This means our hot sauce is vegan, gluten free, Whole 30 friendly and Paleo friendly. 

Family Owned & Operated


Smokeshow is a family operated business, based in Portland, OR. Our hot sauce is hand crafted by real people who care about making a high quality product that is accessible to all. Additionally, we make it a point to keep it local and support as many fellow small businesses as possible along the way.